Henrik Feldt

I have 12 years experience of running and working in software projects, from the largest white-label HR systems-firm, in Sweden, from being team lead for the architects at Jayway Stockholm to being the CEO of a start up in the AI/expense management arena: I’m now working as the CEO of qvitoo – AI-based bookkeeping with current focus to completely remove receipts from your desk.

The projects I’ve run have been both large and small, from 2 developers to 10 developers. Software is judged by the value it delivers to the company; its employees and its customers. I have experience introducing Lean and revamping a development department to make it vastly more productive.

By introducing continuous integration, continuous delivery, metrics and DevOps in the organisation I increased the rate of delivery from once per year to once every month – surfacing the constraints other than software development to the rest of the organisation.

In my own organisation, qvitoo, we can detect a small misbehaviour, correct it, test it and deploy it in a time span of 15 minutes.

I’ve been team lead for constructing/upgrading a blasting system at Nitro Consult, founder of a point-and-navigate touch-screen shopping system, presented at conferences like DevSum and ScanDev about distributed systems (CQRS/Event-Sourcing) and taught Actor frameworks at AddSkills. I’m active in the open source community.

I’m excellent at driving change by introducing agility into software development organisations, recognising that it’s more often the system acting on people than the people acting on the system, that is the source of organisational behaviours. Coming from a technical background I know about how to be an effective CTO, project manager or team lead.

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