haf – my open source projects

My focus is on functional programming, F# in particular, but I’m also into Haskell, Elm, PureScript having taken nibbles at Scala and Clojure.

Here’s a selection of the more popular open source projects of mine.

Suave Family

Suave is picking up speed, google results

Suave is a completely functional web server, that runs cross-platform and is optimal when deploying micro-services. I’ve been a part of it for a few years now, and it’s beginning to pick up speed now.

  • Suave – contributions to the core web server, testing with Fuchu, FsCheck, load testing and quality assurance. Developed some of the subsystems, a lot of refactoring work.
  • Suave.Locale – i18n system for use with React.Intl/FormattingJS for Suave.

Albacore Family

I started as a frequent contributor; after having worked for two years with the build system, I decided to rewrite it as version 2.0 to make it smarter and take away even more of the heavy lifting from the programmer.

  • Albacore is a ruby-based build system for .Net projects that is cross-platform and very easy to get started with. It makes building .Net projects as easy as can be. Just run albacore init and you’re good to go for most projects.

Topshelf, MassTransit, Automatonymous family

Automatonymous logo

Before moving all of my development to Linux, I frequented these projects with PRs and quality assurance.

  • Topshelf
  • MassTransit – a lot of QA, handling support from the rest of the world. I wrote the transport for Azure Service Bus.
  • Automatonymous – a lot of the work gone into making this async was my work. I actually also done the logo.

Riak / Basho

I wrote the initial puppet-riak puppet module.

Logary Family

I’ve created, from scratch, a metrics and logging library for the CLR, Logary. It’s currently in version 3, very stable and extensively used.

  • logary – the main project. Logary is the best logging framework for .Net. It’s a high performance, multi-target logging, metric and health-check library for mono and .Net. Targets include: textwriter, console, debugger, nlog, zipkin, nimrod, riemann, logstash, sqlite, sql server, graphite, loggr, elmah.io, logentries. Adapters for: suave, topshelf.
  • logary.js – a UMD-module packaged logging package that logs into Logary.Services.SuaveReporter.


These are just a few of the projects I’ve been active in, historically I’ve been active in many more.

Twitter @henrikfeldt

Twitter @logarylib

Henrik Feldt +46 737 53 27 18 haf